Hi my name is Jason

I met Jan at the start of 2018 when I entered Shalom House as a resident. For those of you who don't know Shalom House, it’s a rehabilitation centre for men with serious life controlling addictions it is situated in the Swan Valley. This is where I was first introduced to Jan who worked there as the head female counsellor/pastor. It’s a testimony in itself that Jan worked there, as the guys there,including myself are dealing with a huge array of deeply personal and in some cases horrific traumas and Jan was definitely one of Shalom’s biggest assets. Jan wasn't just helping the men at Shalom, her input extended into rebuilding and counselling the whole family unit of that person. I think being a female councillor in an all men rehabilitation centre and especially being the woman she is, was able to help the guys reconnect with their wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and children in a way only a woman with her level of experience, compassion, understanding could.

I have already told Jan, now she is going out into her own private practice she will be a real blessing to the broader community. Because of the amount of experience she has accumulated from her years of intense work with traumatised men in the community. Will make her extremely valuable especially in working with any ladies out there who need help dealing with a variety of situations such as problems with their unruly partners or young teenage boys or just their kids in general. Because let's face single mothers and fathers especially the ones working full time as well, have the hardest job in the world.