Individual Therapy

I provide counselling for individuals aged  fourteen and above.  At Grow in Grace I use an assortment interactive therapy styles to ensure the best possible outcome for the individual.

Teens have a lot of challenges now, I am able to build quick repour with teens, which assists in the process of open communication and trust.

All therapy treatment plans will be inclusive, this is your journey. This is where you can push past your blockages and move further than you could have ever imagined.

Therapeutic plans are typically 6-8 weeks, with ongoing reviews of progress and goals.




Couples Counselling

In today's society, couples are often struggling with assorted outside influences that effect their relationships.  At Grow in Grace I help to reestablish healthy communications between couples. While working on rekindling intimacy that may have been lost.

I am able to contain and hold a safe space for you as you look at the real heart issues that have you stuck in the past. While helping encourage conversation in the  present for the future.

Couples Therapy plans are from

8-12 weeks, assess progress and goals.

Group Workshops

Group counselling is a highly impactful method of psychotherapy. Participants not only benefit from a process that will bring truth and understanding to their own issues, they also get to help others do the same.

I will create an environment free from harm. These groups coach all participants to develop their listening  skills which will be of future benefit  in all relationships in life.

Group session typically have 6 to 8 people and run for a duration of six to eight weeks.  Group members come on their own or with others already known to them.

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Maximum of 6 people, at any one time, including children. Therapeutic coaching  plans are designed to address trauma, grief, divorce, violence, anger, addictions  or other circumstances which are affecting the wellbeing and happiness of any or all family members. Family therapy  for best over all outcome  attend group and individual sessions usually for a 8-12 week plan.


I work with Homestead for Youth with a holistic approach to the organisation, working with staff, residents and families.

Here are some kind words from Homestead for Youth:

Jan has been providing services to Homestead For Youth for some time now. During that time we continue to receive positive feedback from families and the teenagers that she works with on a weekly bases.  We have seen noticeable improvement in our teens particularly for those who are really wanting to see changes in their life and have historically felt stuck.  Jan consistently demonstrates an ability to cut to the chase and speak truth while bringing a high level of compassion, understanding and encouragement to clients.

Testimony from a client
“Jan has helped me come to a realization of what I have to take responsibility for and what I need to work on”.

Testimony from a client
“I like that she speaks truth, she helped me come back to God and she has taken time to hear me and help me through my problems”.


Angelique du Toit
PA to Carla Fadelli (CEO)
Homestead For Youth

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