Hello my name is Ryan

For 15 years I was heavily addicted to drugs and a good 8 years addicted to meth.

My parents tried to find me help through drug counselling and other treatments but nothing seemed to work and I struggled to open up about my problems and did it to keep them happy.

At the age of 27 I finally meet a Christian councillor by the name of Jan Allen something about Jan made me feel safe and secure I started opening up to things I thought I would take to the grave. Jan was someone I knew had been there before in her life and related to the problems I had.

Jan helped restore my life and my family by reconnecting me with my mum, dad, and brother and guiding me through become clean and sober she worked hard with me for close to 12 months and I feel truly like a new person and am forever thankful for the time and effort she put into me and my family.

I am now proudly 17 months clean and sober with out Jan this wouldn’t have been possible. A massive thanks to Jan I highly recommend her for any one seeking a qualified Christian councillor for issues life can throw our way.