Hi my name is  Vicky Krezos  and this is my  testemonial regarding Jans counselling.
Both my husband and I are from Adelaide  in  South Australian. I first met Jan in 2017  after my  husband entered a rehabilitation  program. Frankly I was done!! we had  many years of  addiction, fighting and  tears. After having a child I had someone  else to care about and be  responsible for.  Not just myself or Steve but our  beautiful  son Jed.

My relationship with Jan started over the  phone. As Steve felt safer with Jan, he  shared things he had never told anyone  before. Over time Steve began to heal from his trauma and take responsibility for his behaviour.

Jan encouraged me to come to WA for a visit. Although apprehensive I eventually agreed, this was the beginning of a huge change in my life.! On meeting Jan I felt safe and new that we were in the write hands.
God has played an instrumental part in our reconciliation and healing. Over the past 18months Jan's love and care has been instrumental in counselling and supporting both myself and Steve. I have now moved to WA and am continuing to grow and deepen my relationship and love with my husband .