My name is Jann Jann

I have know the ravages of addiction, it took for me a marriage of 32 years, my family and more importantly me. In 2010, I took myself off to a rehab on the central coast of NSW, for 10 long painful months., there I slowly started to put myself back together again.

One day I had a business and a family the next I lost it all. After rehab I stayed on the central coast for 5 years, I am a Christian and someone who has always loved an adventure, so when God said pack up and go to WA, I did. I drove across on my own it was amazing.

I arrived full of hope but I was so lonely, having been molested as a child, there was still so much hurt I needed healing. I was searching for fellowship. Looking on Facebook I had been watching Shalom House and the good work they were doing. Shelia’s Shed came up so I decided to check it out.

The moment I walk in I was greeted with love and understanding. There I met my now dear friend Jan. I became involved with the running helping in the kitchen and facilitating groups. Jan’s leadership was truly amazing and through her counsel my healing began. Words can not express, how I faced so much heartache. Jan was there always encouraging me. Jan has a way about herself that is honest and real, I had counsellng before but not like this. Jan’s whole approach is to look at the issues in a holistic way and never give up. My journey is still going but I know I would not be the strong brave women I am today without the love and support I was show from Jan.

    A changed Life Jann Jann.