At Grow In Grace, Jan Allan (founder) has developed a unique formula for coaching, empowering  staff and team members in organisations, that work with groups of people who are battling life issues.

As staff and volunteers it is not unusual to desire to support others as you may have experienced some of the issues yourself. That has certainly been the case for me, you can read my testimony.

it is crucially important to know what we operate in when we are working along side hurting people. We all operate from our own core beliefs, which may have been shaped by our own trauma and hurt. If we do not investigate  our core beliefs, and heal any hidden damage, or even considered our own conditions of our Spirit, Soul and Body we can become an additional part of the problems in an already challenging situation.

Typically the workshop runs for Three  days, and prices are provided on application, and depend on various circumstances and conditions.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in running a workshop within your organisations.

Below is a short testimony from an organisation where I  ran a workshop in October 2018.

Thank You GROW IN GRACE Counselling Services.

We invited Jan Allan from Grow in Grace to come as a consultant to Victoria and deliver a professional development training course for our newly formed team at Eagles Corner.  We knew we were in for an interesting ride, but the depth of change and unity created within our organisation was inspirational.  Our Residential Men’s Recovery program is a challenging Ministry and it was critical for us to equip our staff and volunteers with some foundational tools, enabling them to support the residents throughout their journey.

Jan’s Professionalism and experience guided us through some key counselling principles, preparing us for the challenges ahead.

We look forward to the next training session.