Hi my name is Andrew,

in 2017 I voluntarily admitted myself to a faith based rehabilitation program after 30 + years of alcohol dependancy as well as 3 year antidepressant, mood stabiliser and diazepam addiction.

The combination of alcohol and prescription medication had caused some type of shutdown in my brain so bad that one of my children, daughter 26 year old asked doctors to check me for alcoholic induced dementia. I knew something was very wrong in myself as the simplest of tasks requiring concentration of thought were near to impossible for me to accomplish. My short term memory was also shot to pieces, not being able to remember my PIN numbers, or transfer numbers into my phone, not even the ability to read a tape measure....Just to name a few... Pretty bad considering I have worked in the engineering business my whole life... Not realising at the time the emotional & psychological damage I was also causing in my children for many years.

Within the first week I was introduced to Jan Allan who was my designated counsellor..the counselling process used by Jan was very effective for pinpointing how the Life I had been leading was against the will of God, especially my spiritual life based on the occult. Jan helped me to see where things had been going wrong throughout my life in many situations, quiet often reoccurring ones...over and over again.

Jan gave me guidance and taught me not to rest on my own understanding, and the importance of owning my own mistakes and admitting I needed help.

Jan provided me with education on how to reconstruct a broken life into one that would prosper for me and more importantly my children in a way that made sense. JanAllan has played a large part in my recovery, if it wasn't for the  caring beautiful nature of one beautiful lady I may never of found healing in such a way, so wonderfully explained with never any word of doubt..

Miracles can and do happen, I am fully restored and healed. Praise to God and for all your help Jan ..God Bless you.