My Approach

I am a Christian Clinical Counsellor, I believe that God is able to uncover and reveal areas of the heart that as humans. The mind  has the ability to hide away for the reasons of protecting.

My training is in the area of Family History and how this effects our decisions, behaviours and choices which is scientifically supported.

By helping identify key heart issues and behavioural habits, I am able to facilitate with you areas affecting your thought process, which is negative and harmful to you.  Many of these heart issues are established well before the age of ten  by thirteen we begin our trajectory in life and  choices.

So the plotting of family history (using the 'genogramme' process), life traumas, and significant life experiences is where I often start.  Once you have shared your  life journey together we can identify bitter roots and inner vows, then  together find inner healing, acceptance through identifying hidden areas of hurt. Although at times extremely difficult forgiveness, leads the way to enables you to move forward.

How Does Our Process Work

As a Clinincal Counsellor my training is in Grow In Grace listens to your story then takes a very structured approach to counselling.  Following a proven 6 to 12 week programme; which discovers, unpacks, and assists in healing negative life experiences.   We are not just interested in letting our clients unload their worries for the purposes of temporary 'feel good' relief, our purpose is  to provide  'emotional tools and equipment' for a complete change; creating the opportunity for deep healing with a healthier positive approach to thinking and a stronger mindset.  Thereby enabling our clients to firmly put to rest any past hurts, and be fully equipped to deal with any future life 'hurdles'.


Next Steps...

If you would like to book an introduction session or a full counselling programme with Jan, please contact us