Hi I’m Jan

Clinical Counsellor, with a sense of humour, single mum to 3 grown-up kids (who tell me I’m not funny) and straight shooting Christian whose passion is to restore family balance.

I help women and men to navigate difficult relationships with partners, children and themselves. My focus is on taking you back to your truth and allowing you to be heard, healed and valued so you can change the cycle of repeating patterns.

Right now, you may be feeling...

●  Anxious, frustrated and overlooked
●  Powerless, trapped and fearful
●  Stuck like Groundhog Day, wishing this wasn’t your life
●  Living an existence that isn’t really you

If you’re longing for the love and support in life that you deserve then it’s time to take action.

Jan Allen Grow in Grace Counselling

Individual Therapy

I support women and men who are stuck in life to move to a better place and change their future

Couples Counselling

I work with couples to rebuild healthy communication and connection and restore intimacy

Family Therapy

I help parents who are struggling with challenging behaviour to restore boundaries and connection

Grow In Grace founder Jan Allan is a fully qualified Clinical Counsellor

I have developed my counselling skill set over 20 years working for a variety of companies and organisations, including not for profit, local government and the private sector.  In my own life, I have walked through family dysfunction and addiction and am able to truly relate to and understand the struggles of others.  I have overcome, and now dedicate my life to helping others do the same.

There is hope and there is a way out - I am living proof.

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A client's journey...

"Jan was there always encouraging me. Jan has a way about herself that is honest and real, I had counselling before but not like this. Jan’s whole approach is to look at the issues in a holistic way and never give up. My journey is still going but I know I would not be the strong brave women I am today without the love and support I was shown from Jan."

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